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Light & Sound Energy Unit (Modified with Visual Supports)

This 4th Grade Energy Unit (Light & Sound) was modified using picture symbol text and visual supports to help individuals with special needs.

Example of the Unit Vocabulary:

Example of the Unit Activities:
l16.PNGLight & Sound Activities include:
– High Pitch vs. Low Pitch Sound Sort
– Transparent vs. Opaque Picture Sort
– Brainpop Jr. Light Video Quiz Modified (hard copy)
– Brainpop Jr. Sound Video Quiz Modified (hard copy)
(NOTE: You do not need to watch the Brainpop Jr. Videos in order to complete the comprehension quizzes)
Example of the Worksheet:

l8.PNGExample of the Light & Sound Assessment:

The Light & Sound Assessment (3 pages) modified using multiple choice in a field of three.
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