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Main Idea RI.1.2 Passages and Quick Comprehension (Special Education and ELL)

This Main Idea and Detail Unit (Informational Text) has been created for special education students who require more visual/concrete supports to learn the literacy skills of identifying the Main Idea and Detail.
ri1.2Example of the Graphic Organizer:
ri1.2dOverview of the 6 Passages with comprehension questions:
ri1.2bEach of the 6 passages includes 3 differentiated versions of each passage. Here is an example of one passage:

Closer look at one of the passages with full picture symbol text support:
RI1.2mAn example of this text differentiated with no picture symbol text over the Dolch First Grade Sight Words:

** Version 1 – Picture symbol text over ALL words
** Version 2 – Picture symbol text over all words EXCEPT Kindergarten Dolch Sight Words
** Version 3 – Picture symbol text over all words EXCEPT First Grade Dolch Sight Words
(This has been very helpful for my students who are learning and starting to recognize sight words at different levels).
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