Level C Main Idea (Reading A-Z ) with Picture Symbol Support & Comprehension

Tools (Reading A-Z Level book) is modified with picture symbol text to help support the visual needs of students. This approach works will with Special Education and ELL students to connect the text with specific comprehension skills. This book focuses on Main Idea & Detail (RI.1.2).
Tools1.PNGExample of the book  with picture symbol text and Comprehension:
Tools3.PNGAcademic Language Visual Supports:

  • Graphic Organizer Visual for Main Idea
  • Academic Vocabulary for RI.1.2 with Visual Supports
  • Academic Sentence Frames for Main Idea/Detail

Example of the Comprehension:
Tools4.PNGComprehension covers the following skills:
– Identifying the genre
– Identifying the setting
– Identifying the Main Idea
– Identifying 2 Details
– Identifying what the author wants you to learn from the text
– Making Connections/Inference about tools

** Picture Symbol Text Support is from Boardmaker Studio & Proloquo2Go
Purchase this product @ TeachersPayTeachers

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