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Represent & Interpret Data Unit (Modified for Special Education)

These 3rd Grade Math Concepts (3.MD.3 & 3.MD.4) of solving addition and subtraction problems using graphs, drawing picture and bar graphs, and creating line plots. This unit is modified/adjusted to address these same concepts but focusing on using the numbers 0-30.  I have used this assessment I have created with my special education students in 2nd-6th grade. The lower the numbers has allowed my students to really focus these specific skills instead of getting distracted by larger numbers.

Represent & Interpret Data Picture Vocabulary & Definitions:



Sneak Peek at the Assessment Questions:
Overview of the 7 pages of 10 questions that address 3.MD.3 & 3.MD.4:

mm6A closer look:

This unit includes:
– Represent & Interpret Data Picture Vocabulary
– Represent & Interpret Data Picture Definitions
– A set of Picture Vocabulary Cards & Vocabulary Word Cards (for students to practice learning Academic Vocabulary by matching or playing memory match).
– 7 Pages (10 questions) addresses: 3.MD.3 & 3.MD.4
* Label answer with correct unit
* Read & Label a graph
* Complete a picture graph
* Draws & labels a graph
* Completes a scale on a graph, label & draws bars correctly
* Completes a line plot, labels, writes in lengths on scale
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