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3rd Grade Division Unit (Modified for Special Education)

This 3rd Grade Math Division Concepts (3.OA.2, 3.OA.3, 3.OA.5, 3.OA.6, 3.OA.7) is a unit for understanding division and using division facts and strategies. This unit is modified/adjusted to address these same concepts but focusing on using the numbers 0-50.   I have used this assessment with my special education students in 2nd through 6th grade. The lower numbers has allowed my students to really focus these specific skills instead of getting distracted by larger numbers. This unit has simplified language and key words to help the students through repetition and practice.
dd1.png dd2.png
Sneak Peek at the Assessment Pages:
  dd4.PNG dd5
This unit includes:
– Division Academic Picture Vocabulary
– Division Academic Definitions
– A set of Picture Vocabulary Cards & Vocabulary Word Cards (for students to practice learning Academic Vocabulary by matching or playing memory match).
– 7 Pages (16 questions) addresses all of the 3rd Grade Common Core Standards for Division
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