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Have I Earned My Free Time?


Whole Classroom & Individualized Behavior Management in one!

sedol4I base my classroom behavior around earning “Free Time” by using a chart in the front of the classroom.  Each student EARNS their 5 minute free time breaks AFTER each lesson.  Free time is set with a timer and is always 5 minutes in length.  The students receive a 1 minute warning to help prepare them for the transition to the next lesson.

Cards get taken away if a student is not listening during the activity, not participating, not working hard and have an  inappropriate behavior/attitude. Cards are taken from the bottom (starting at 5) to show the students that they have that many minutes left to play during free time. Each card that is taken away is a minute they have to sit at their desk.

Students are ALWAYS able to EARN their free time back for their NEXT free time break!

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