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Super Hero Social Skills

My task as a teacher is to get my students from where they are to where they have not been.


What Child Doesn’t Want to be a Super Hero?
In elementary school, the child should receive help in any skill area that is delayed or where difficulty exists and, at the same time, be encouraged to grow in his or her strengths. Therefore, your child will become one of Miss Winter’s “Super Heroes”!! This is a program that celebrates personal strengths as well as a program that will develop academic, executive functioning, social and behavioral skills. The program is individualized and based on progressive levels of conquering these skills. The goal is to work towards a weekly “Super Power” in various areas and then share their successes with peers and parents. The program is aimed to teach through a fun theme that relates to young children and their interests.

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My class is constantly given 3 specific social skills to focus on in order to earn a party. The students are given a chart at the beginning of the new round of 3 skills. The chart states the skill we are working on along with 5 different super power levels they need to pass (master).  Each level requires me to “catch” them practicing that behavior. The student is then rewarded with a star. When they reach the super power level, they are given a star of completion that is displayed on the main classroom chart “I Earned My Super Power Skill!”  The students then have gained the power and can move on to the next social skill on their chart. Once all 3 skills have earned a star of completion from each student, the class has earned a party of their choice!
This was an AMAZING system because it provided:
– classroom visuals & reminders for each student
– was a motivation to individually gain the super power skill
– students were able to visually track their progress & class progress
– it encouraged students to help each other work on the skill so that they could earn a party!4.png

a347c3c5964883b069d98f9b3e6903eeof our Weekly “Super Power” Goals:


Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.10.55 PM


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