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Teacher Conference (Dominican Republic)



Dominican Republic – Teachers Conference
Willow Creek Community Church

Our mission to help the teachers in the Dominican Republic is:

To NOT make the teachers dependent on our lessons for learning, our manipulatives or our approaches, but instead to teach them methods where they can use their own creativity, and tools that fit their cultural needs and learning styles.  By the Dominican Republic teachers taking ownership they will best fit the individual needs of each of their challenged children for better learning, survival, and happiness.

To understand and connect with these teachers and what their concerns and needs may be. It is important to work together to bring changes to the child, school and community.

To help enable the Dominican teachers to create their own solutions for their students. Though this is a slower process, is much better that just showing them a “quick cure” for helping students with disabilities.   Rather than doing too much for these teachers, which may in the long run prove to be hurtful, we need to work with them so they can develop their own methods and approaches for success.  Something that will be lasting!

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* Build upon their strengths and resources they already have, NOT their limitations
* Build upon what they know about students with needs
* Build upon them taking ownership for developing their own programs and using their own resources
* Build upon strengthening their dignity through honestly working as a whole team rather than a Willow team vs a Dominican Republic team

~~~* Hope through Education *~~~

During Celebration of Hope 2014, our local church joins hands with local churches in Latin America to bring hope and long-term solutions to those fighting poverty and injustice. A vision to strengthen all of Santo Domingo’s schools by growing its teachers.
Our team of Willow teachers hosted a two-day conference for 200 teachers from 30 Santo Domingo schools, bringing the latest ideas on teaching reading, math,  Montessori methodology, and teaching children with special needs.

Understanding the Dominican culture and community

     The community:
DR Community.jpg
2014-07-07 17.24.34.jpg
2014-07-07 17.49.42.jpg
2014-07-07 17.58.03.jpg
2014-07-08 16.13.34.jpg
    The schools:
DR education.jpg
2014-07-06 10.35.10.jpg
2014-07-07 17.29.47.jpg

The resources (each photo shows the resources for each school): 
DR Resources.jpg

We Came to Help Strengthen Schools 

We worked together to provide the Dominican Republic schools the resources, tools and techniques to use in the classrooms and strengthen their education.

 We listened and talked with the Dominican teachers:
DR teachers.jpg
  We packed resource bins for the schools:
DR bins.jpg

** Our 2 Day Teacher Conference **

 The Team Conference Presentations:

My Conference Presentation – Executive Functioning

     Helping teachers understand the importance of Executive Functioning:
Following Directions Activity with my classes:

Deeper Understanding and Discussions:

“Through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

2014-07-07 17.50.18.jpg

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