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Math one-step real-world problems using addition & subtraction within 20

Image result for scrappin doodle mathThis product is IEP based using the Common Core State Stand 3.OA.8 and modifying this goal using the Dynamic Learning Maps Essential Outcomes.
Solve one-step real-world problems using addition or subtraction within 20.

By (date), when given one-step real-world problems using addition and subtraction within 20, (student) will identify the correct operation and then solve the problem (given access to a number line and/or hundreds chart) with 80% accuracy as measured by data twice monthly.
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* IEP Goal and 2 objectives
* Visual Supports (addition key words & subtraction key words)
* 6 pages of 5 problems per page of example math real-world math problems with bold key words to determine addition/subtraction key words.

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