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LLI Orange System Book #57 (Visit from Aunt Bee) Modified & Comprehension

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This LLI Green Orange Book # 57A Visit from Aunt Bee, is modified with picture symbol text support for Special Education and ELL students at require additional visual support for comprehension.
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    – LLI Book #57 – A Visit from Aunt Bee with picture symbol text supports
    – Book Vocabulary with visual supports
– Comprehension Assessment

     * 7 multiple choice questions with picture symbol text and academic vocabulary
                 *Identifying the genre
                 *Identifying the main character
                 *Identifying the setting
                 * Sequence of events
                 *Inferring the character’s feelings
    * Worksheet 1: Match the action picture with the page of what is happening in the story
    * Worksheet 2: Order the events in the story


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