Behavior / communication / Social Thinking

Social Stories

These are so some social stories for my Early Childhood Kiddos with Autism who struggles with sharing, staying on-task and seated during undesired activities, conversation skills, and overall social skills.
This is a specific social story for my student who struggles with sharing and taking turns. He reads his story before “center time” and when an issue arises. Β (I add picture symbol text supports because my 5 year old likes to read his Social Stories by himself.)








A quick One-Page Social Story Reference for the “Rougher” Transition Days

6Learning About How to Handle Anger & Use Fidgets Appropriately

s1.png6Β Strategy Card:
s56Quick Reminder Placed Above the Fidget Bin:
s2.png6Learning About Fidgets & Expected Behaviors – Social Story
(Specifically Designed for my Kiddo)
s3.png s4.png
Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.10.55 PM

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