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Autism Classroom (2nd/3rd Grade)

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FINALLY posting about my FAVORITE teaching experience & classroom!!! My 2nd & 3rd Grade Self-Contained Autism Classroom

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My Introduction Letter to Parents

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Children with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome have a great deal of potential with respect to  long-term developmental outcomes.

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The program is structured to meet the needs of children with High-Functioning Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome and require a highly structured, specialized program to meet their individual needs in the areas of language, pragmatics, social skills, and sensory needs.

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Your child has a team of highly qualified specialists who are focused on the entire child and work cooperatively with parents in order for that child to reach his/her potential.  Our individualized interventions will be conducted at our center and will focus on providing an invigorating learning environment to promote progress in each child’s level of achievement thus bringing them to a higher level of maturity. These interventions will be integrated with existing abilities, and used functionally. Learning with and through peers, provides the opportunity to address normal and abnormal peer relationships for each developmental level.  We feel in addition to providing an enriched environment with manipulatives, structured learning, social thinking, and opportunities for ongoing engagement will enhance each child with a robust learning experience!

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My class took over the school newspaper

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Superflex A fun and motivating way to teach students with social and communication difficulties and help them develop further awareness of their own thinking and social behaviors and learn strategies to help them develop better self-regulation across a range of behaviors.

Whole Body Listening A way to help students understand that we listen with more than our ears by explicitly describing  implicit expectations about what it means to “listen.”  WBL helps the students that struggle to focus their brains and bodies during
different lessons and situations throughout their school day.
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            I base my classroom behavior around earning “Free Time” using a chart in the front of the room. Each student EARNS their 5 minute free time breaks AFTER each lesson.  Free time is set with a timer and is always 5 minutes in length.  The students receive a 1 minute warning to help prepare them for the transition to the next lesson.
           Cards get taken taken away if a student is not listening (“ears listening”) during the activity, not participating (“brain in the group”), not working hard and have inappropriate behavior and attitude (“quiet mouth”). Cards are taken from the bottom (starting at 5) to show the students that they have that many minutes still remaining during the free time to play.  Each card that is taken away is 1 minute they have to sit at their desk (i.e. sit calmly, complete their work with better effort, etc.).
Students are ALWAYS able to earn their free time back for their NEXT free time break (minutes start over).
This has been VERY successful in our classroom!
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Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.53.00 AM.png                      Some of My Monthly Newsletters That I Sent Home to Parents
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z2.jpgScreen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.56.58 AM.png z3.jpg
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