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Force, Motion & Simple Machines Interactive Picture Symbol Book (Autism/SPED)

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This is an interactive book with picture symbol text support and comprehension questions with velcro picture answer cards.
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Topics of Mini Passages with Comprehension Questions:
1) Force & Motion Passage & Questions
2) Push & Pull Passage & Questions
    Push & Pull Page of Examples
3) Machines / Simple Machines Passage & Questions
    Machines / Simple Machines Page of Examples
4) Lever Passage & Questions
    Lever Page of Examples
5) Screw Passage & Questions
    Screw Page of Examples
6) Wedge Passage & Questions
    Wedge Page of Examples
7) Wheel & Axle Passage & Questions
     Wheel & Axle Page of Examples
8) Pulley Passage & Questions
    Pulley Page of Examples
9) Inclined Plane Passage & Questions
    Inclined Plane Page of Examples
10) Answer Key

A Closer Look Inside:

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Book Visual Vocabulary

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Mini Passage with Text-Based Comprehension Questions using Picture Cards that are placed in the question blank to complete the sentence

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Adapted Interactive Book using Picture Symbol Text Support for the Mini Passages and Text-Based Comprehension Questions with Picture Cards that are placed in the question blank to complete the sentence. 


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