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Two-Dimensional Shapes Unit (Modified for Special Education)

3rd Grade Two-Dimensional Shapes Concepts (3.G.1 & 3.G.2) is a unit for understanding geometry by identifying share attributes of shapes, different types of quadrilaterals, partition shapes into parts and identify each part of a whole as a unit fraction.
This unit is modified/adjusted to address these same concepts but focusing on using simplified and consistent academic language.
I have used this 5 page assessment with my special education students in 2nd through 6th grade. The consistent repetition of academic language has allowed my students to really grasp and understand these specific skills by focusing on key words to help the students through repetition and practice.

A Sneak Peek….


Assessment / Practice Overview:

A Closer Look…



This unit includes:
– Two-Dimensional Shapes Picture Vocabulary
– Two-Dimensional Shapes Academic Definitions
– 5 Pages (17 questions) addresses all of the 3rd Grade Common Core Standards for Two-Dimensional Shapes

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